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Rick Persad
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Good Graces for Buyers

Naturally, homeowners want to net a good price for their property. But, also important, most homeowners want to sell to buyers they like. Here are some tips to get in sellers’ good graces.

• Be respectful of open—house hours — you don’t want to surprise sellers when they’re not expecting you. And honor appointments — in order to accommodate you for showings, sellers often shuffle their schedules around. Having made such an effort, showing up late or not at all can leave a bad taste in sellers’ mouths.

• When attending a showing, be sure to exercise good etiquette. For example, don’t show up with a crowd; leave the kids at home; don’t bring food or drinks inside; honor requests to take off your shoes; don’t use the bathroom; don’t take pictures or video unless you have permission to do so; and don’t rummage through closets, cupboards and drawers.

• If appropriate, have your real estate sales representative convey to the seller that you have a pre—approved mortgage. Knowing you’re pre-approved lets the seller know you can afford to buy their home and that you are serious about buying — sellers take more kindly to buyers who show they’re committed and qualified than those who don’t.

• With your offer, consider including a handwritten note to the seller, complimenting them on any work they’ve done, and letting them know what you like about their home and why they should sell it to you. Doing so may reach the seller on an emotional level, and help to distinguish your offer from all the others they are entertaining.

Source: Home Run

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